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F.A.Q: Frequently asked questions Android

How do I read an NFC device?
Activating the NFC on your mobile depends on your operating system. In Android it is usually a simple task, because depending on the manufacturer it can be as easy as clicking on the NFC option in the notification menu. In other versions of Android instead you may have to go to Settings> Wireless> More, where there should be an option to activate this technology.
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How do you read a QR?
Many Android phones when pointing the camera to a QR read it, but try a free App to read it. Watch video "read QR with Android"
Google Play App Free read QR Why do not I get any GPS data?
You may not have your mobile browser properly configured. Check this information
¿Is there an App?
Our concept is that you do not need it, but if you want it, here we explain how to have it.
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What types of phone are compatible?
QR4G works in all generations of types of phones with internet connection.
How accurate is QR4G?
As long as you have the phone properly configured and the location is allowed, the GPS data is very accurate.
How much does it cost to geographically locate a mobile phone?
Nothing, just what you paid for the device.
Is my information safe?
Your anonymity is important to us. The geographical location is sent through a secure TLS (Secure Sockets Layer) protocol and is not visible to other people.
How can I modify my information?
It is very easy, without passwords and insurance from here: Modify
I need more help
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